Bio: Joy Prentice

Joy with Sunny

My mother introduced me and my siblings to horses through the stories of her adventures and placing us in horseback lessons for one summer; but being in a military family, riding did not come our way very often.

It was not until I met my husband and did a couple of rides down into the Grand Canyon via mules that I got back on a horse. My husband and I have been on a horsemanship journey ever since. We own two horses: a paint mix, Hopi, and palomino mustang named Soñador (Sunny) and a mule named Charles (Charlie). Sunny (my guy) and I have been partners for about two years, and it has been a really wonderful and rewarding learning experience for both of us.

We moved to Ramona to have property for our horses, to get away from the inner city traffic, and to enjoy the Ramona lifestyle with the many trails that Ramona has to offer. My husband and I have joined in support of the Ramona Trails Association (RTA) and Backcountry Horsemen of California (BCHC) within the past couple of years and look forward to helping out with the RTA and BCHC philosophies.