Bio: Martin Jorgensen

Martin packing in supplies for the trail crew at

Mineshaft Flat Saddle (9,000'+) in the San Gorgonio Wilderness

I grew up in the San Diego area and have been a BCHC-SD member since the 1990's. I have traveled the trails and backcountry of California my entire life as a hiker, equestrian, hunter, Scout, wilderness backpacker, stock packer, and archaeologist.

I have worked most of my life for all the major government land managers (mostly in fire and resource management) and am intimately familiar with how they operate and how to work with them to keep trails open and public lands accessible to all users. I am a member in good standing of several other riding groups and clubs in Southern California and have served as an officer and Trail Boss with them for many years.

My latest project is a collaboration on the first of a series of equestrian trail guide books for San Diego County.

Martin Jorgensen